March 1, 2021
Themed experience

The UCF College of Arts and Humanities has been recognized for its first-of-its-kind Master of Science program in themed experience. Beginning in Fall 2021, students in the two-year program will learn to create world-class themed experiences, including theme parks, dining and educational exhibits. “It takes a dean with a vision to say ‘yes, this is what we are going to do’,” says Peter Weishar, director of themed experience.

This program differs from the Master of Fine Arts theatre degree with a track in themed experience. The MFA is a terminal degree and requires students to complete extensive internships and a thesis. Comparatively, the new MS degree focuses on the design and production of themed experiences.

Orlando Business Journal spoke with Weishar about the program and how it fits into the Central Florida community. Weishar discussed the significance of the program, the number of students enrolled, the industry need for students with a focused themed experience degree and support from local industry leaders.

InPark Magazine included a detailed account from Weishar about what themed experience graduates need to know, say and do. Featuring advice from industry leaders, such as a senior director/executive producer at Universal Creative, this article explained the program’s four tenants.

Nicholson Student Media covered the structure of the new MS degree and how it differs from the MFA program. It included insight from Dean Moore, who highlighted the role of UCF in the Central Florida community. “Our programs need to be reflective of the community that we’re in,” he said.

Fox 35 Orlando discussed the program’s close connection with the themed experience industry and its leaders. “Not only can we bring people into the classroom, but then we have this magnificent laboratory, which is Orlando,” said Weishar.

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