February 9, 2017

The UCF-Hillcrest Modern Language Club, established in spring 2015, provides UCF and Hillcrest Elementary School students the opportunity to use their Spanish and French skills in a collaborative environment. This partnership connects UCF students with the greater Orlando community.

Hillcrest Elementary School, which is part of the Orange County Public School System, serves a diverse student body; as a magnet school, it draws students from the area for which it is zoned as well as from beyond. Its Foreign Language Academy was created to provide the opportunity for all of its students, English and non-English speaking, to become bilingual. English speaking students study Spanish or French, in addition to their required grade-level curriculum. Non-English speaking students study English as their second language. The school is located in the historic Eola Heights-Mills/50 area of downtown Orlando.

The UCF-Hillcrest Foreign Language Club provides UCF students the opportunity to use their French or Spanish skills; collaborate with their professors, peers, and members of the Orlando community; create curricular activities that enhance UCF and Hillcrest students’ academic growth; gain experience in a professional setting, and engage in “real life” experiences that could be beneficial when seeking employment, graduate school acceptance, and certificate and/or scholarship opportunities (TEFL Certificate, Fulbright scholarship, etc.). The program is not limited to students who are enrolled in French and Spanish courses at UCF; students who have the required proficiency level in one or more of these languages are eligible to participate.

For more information, contact Anne Prucha at [email protected]
or Kacie Tartt at [email protected].