By Morganne Flood |
August 26, 2022

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi ’15, a UCF Theatre Studies and Writing and Rhetoric graduate, stars as Matias in the newly-released That’s Amor on Netflix.

That’s Amor follows Sofia after she loses her job and former relationship. While between jobs, Sofia picks up cooking classes, where she meets the dashing Spanish chef Matias. Could Matias be the missing ingredient she was looking for all along? Watch as Sofia makes the journey towards self-discovery and repairs her prior notions of love.

Gonzalez Rossi played Greg in the 2015 Theatre UCF production of (a love story). Shortly after graduating from UCF, Gonzalez Rossi relocated to Los Angeles. Since then, he has also starred in Westworld on HBO Max and NCIS. He frequently returns to UCF as a guest speaker to share his wealth of knowledge with current students in camera acting and auditioning classes.

“I have had Isaac as a guest in my camera acting and auditioning classes for several years,” says Be Boyd, who was one of his professors at UCF. “He has been a wonderful resource for the students because he gives them extremely practical advice. He spends a lot of time talking with them about the things that a lot of young artists take for granted. The students love his visits because every time he comes, he not only shares his experiences, but he also shares his heart.”

You can watch the 96-minute movie on Netflix.