November 30, 2017

Texts and Technology Assistant Professor, Mel Stanfill, organized the “Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Texts and Technology: A Graduate Symposium,” November 29, in the Burnett Honors College.

Presentations included –

Panel 1: Historical Approaches to Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Texts and Technology

When will Puerto Rico become the 51st State?

Alicia Duffy

Clara Zetkin’s constitutive communism: Organizing working women in 1922

Nick J. Sciullo

Creating a Reverberating Beat: the Women Writers of the Beat Generation

Elena Maria Rogalle

Panel 2: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Writing and Storytelling

Miscegenation in South Asian-American diasporic literature

Madhura Nadarajah

Women Writers and Pseudonyms in Fantasy Literature

Amy Mendoza

Opinion, Entering the Conversation, and First-Year Writing

Emily Hensley

What are the Best Practices for Studying Women Filmmakers Who Work Under Oppressive Governments and Societies?

Rachel Braaten

Panel 3: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Popular Culture

Mainstream Camp: Drag Culture for the Masses

Isabelle Lanthier

The Filter Bubble’s Impact on Standup Comedy

Chris Grabert

Sarah Lance and Bisexuality from The Arrow to The Legends of Tomorrow

Rachel Marks

White Masculinity and Digital Political Discourse: Memes, Bernie Bros, and the 2016 Democratic Primary

Rachel Winter