April 16, 2015

UCF was represented at the 8th Annual Graduate Portuguese and Hispanic Symposium (GRAPHSY) at Georgetown University in Washington, DC April 10-11. Two graduate students in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Spanish M.A. program and one visiting instructor presented their research at the conference.

Matthew Burner presented linguistic research in Asturian adjective agreement as part of the beginning of his thesis research, Evelin Pegoraro presented linguistic research on the formation of diphthongs in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and Rita De Luca Guerriero presented literary research involving works by both Daína Chaviano and Zoé Valdés. The titles of their research presentations are as follows:

  • Matthew Burner: “El neutro de materia: Focalización, concordancia y genericidad”
  • Evelin Pegoraro: “La estructura silábica en español y portugués en la formación de diptongos”
  • Rita De Luca Guerriero: “La percepción del cuerpo espiritual en El hombre, la hembra y el hambre de Daína Chaviano y La nada cotidianade Zoé Valdés”