April 7, 2020

Celebrating the success and achievements of our faculty and staff is one of the most important values of the College of Arts and Humanities. In 2020, 31 faculty members have received promotion or tenure to recognize their dedication to the university. Congratulations and charge on to all our colleagues!


Communication and Media

Lisa Danker

Peter Smith

Natalie Underberg-Goode



James Campbell

Farrah Cato

Fayeza Hasanat



Amy Darty

Alicia Duffy

David Head

Amanda Snyder


Modern Languages and Literatures

Alma Alarcon

Elizabeth Giltner

Rita De Luca Guerriero

Maria Montalvo

Julie Pomerleau

Maria Grazia Spina


Performing Arts

Luis Fred

Holly McDonald

Kristina Tollefson

Robert Thornton

Cynthia White



Sabatino DiBernardo

Jeanine Viau


Visual Arts & Design

Hadi Abbas

Matthew Dombrowski

Kevin Haran

Debi Starr

Steven Spencer

Keri Watson


Writing and Rhetoric

Marcy Galbreath


Women’s and Gender Studies

Leandra Preston-Slider