January 12, 2017

Thomas Potter, UCF voice teacher and opera director, will sing the lead baritone role of “Tonio” in Leoncavallo’s famous opera Pagliacci (the clowns) with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra at the Branscomb Auditorium in Lakeland, FL on Saturday, January 21.

I am very happy to be able to perform this amazing opera by Leoncavallo. I sing the lead baritone role of “Tonio” in the opera – he’s the “bad guy” and the antagonist in the story.

In addition to enjoying the performance aspect of the event, Potter is pleased with the opportunities his performance provides for UCF. “I have met several voice students in the Lakeland area, through the Young Artists Program at which I teach in Italy each summer, who may wish to consider UCF for a graduate degree in music, so singing with them some of them will be in the chorus of this opera production may help in a recruitment effort. Working with different professional colleagues—singers, stage directors, conductors, etc.—helps me maintain and grow connections for our UCF students, as well.”

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