October 7, 2013

UCF Percussion Instructor Thad Anderson performs on an upcoming album release of John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit from Cantaloupe Music. Inuksuit, a CD-length work for 9 to 99 percussionists, has been called “the ultimate environmental piece” by the New York Times. The recording was made in the forest surrounding Guilford Sound in southern Vermont and represents composer John Luther Adams’ ultimate vision for presenting this complex and engaging piece. “I think we succeeded in making this recording a real experience,” Adams observes. “It’s a complete experience for someone who hasn’t been to a live performance of Inuksuit, but for someone who already knows the piece, I think it gives them another shot at it, or a different take on it.”. The album is due to be released on October 29, 2013 and is now available for preorder.