November 29, 2021
Karlo Buxo practices his self-choreographed solo piece

The UCF School of Performing Arts’ dance minor program is empowering male dancers to be more confident and comfortable with themselves. Senior musical theatre major and dance minor Karlo Buxo is passionate about both the feminine and masculine aspects of dancing and enjoys incorporating both in his performances. He’s optimistic that the dance community is becoming more accepting of change and growth of dance’s customary gender roles.

“I think that people are becoming more and more inclusive in terms of male dancers which is an amazing turning point for us men who feel pressured to conform sometimes to a specific style of dancing for male dancers,” said Buxo.

Jaxon Lee, a junior theatre studies major and dance minor, said that the program has given him the fuel and inspiration to pursue dance.

“As a male dancer, I want to use my voice and guide the next generation of storytellers to keep expressing themselves and doing what makes them feel free,” said Lee.

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