April 13, 2022
Prosthetics created by Limbitless Solutions

“For eight years, the University of Central Florida’s Limbitless Solutions has been on the cutting edge of outfitting children who have lost limbs with new 3-D printed bionic prosthetics that revolutionize their lives. Now, the organization is reaching for the next level of that mission, partnering with children’s hospitals to research the effect of these devices on young patients’ brains.”

“The idea for this study came about several years ago and we proposed it to the hospital after presenting it at a conference,” said Albert Manero, president of Limbitless Solutions. “They were so receptive to being able to do this type of work, and it really is a cutting edge look at the brain and how it evolves from using prosthetics.”

“This research is also reinforcing the organization’s previous partnership with UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design and the Nicholson School of Communication and Media, as participants will use training video games to learn how to use their prosthetics during the study.”

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