October 16, 2017
Beneath the Crown poster

The 2017 Orlando Film Festival opens this week, and UCF film faculty and alumni have a strong presence at the event. Here are some of the UCF-centric films you can enjoy:
“Beneath the Crown” Directed by: Susan Gallagher & Dr. Lisa Mills (Faculty: Associate Professor of Film– Faculty Short Film). Alumnae Yson Dickerson and Marlissa Tucker were camera operators for this film. October 20, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/beneath-the-crown/
“Gone From Daylight” Directed by: Alex Bright (Film, BFA Alumnus, Class of 2017 – BFA Short Film Thesis) October 20, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/gone-from-daylight/
“ExtremiNoir” Directed by: Dan Ballester, Produced By: Ryan James Reynolds (Both are Film, BFA Alumnus, Class of 2013 – BFA Short Film) October 22, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/exterminoir/
“Testament” Directed by: Timothy Ritter (Faculty: Visiting Lecturer of Film – Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema, MFA Alumnus, Class of 2015 – MFA Feature Film Thesis) October 22, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/testament/
“SPACE DAD EPISODE 1: DAD’S LIST” Directed by: Dan Ballester (Film, BFA Alumnus, Class of 2013 – Alumni Short Film) October 23, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/space-dad-episode-1-dads-list/
“A Force In Nature: Johann Eyfells” Directed by: Hayden de M. Yates (Johann Eyfells – Former faculty member at UCF) October 25, 2017: https://orlandofilmfest.com/movies/a-force-in-nature-johann-eyfells/
The mission of the Orlando Film Festival is to support and promote the arts in Downtown Orlando through the medium of film. The Orlando Film Festival seeks to inspire filmmakers and enhance the movie viewing experience in Downtown Orlando through creative, unique and entertaining events. They put a strong emphasis on celebrating filmmakers because the organizers are all filmmakers themselves. www.orlandofilmfest.com