February 19, 2021
Anastasia Salter and Mel Stanfill

In a guest column for the Orlando Sentinel, Anastasia Salter, associate professor of English and Director of Graduate Programs and Texts and Technology, and Mel Stanfill, assistant professor of English and Texts and Technology, discuss the latest controversy surrounding Hollywood director Joss Whedon.

“Whedon’s feminism was never intersectional, nor complex. Rather, it is normative and hegemonic — applauding women like Buffy Summers who perform masculinely gendered activities such as fighting, while being unable to celebrate feminized emotion such as that of the “Twilight” film series, which Whedon once referred to as ‘Choosing Boyfriends: The Movie.'”

A chapter in Salter and Stanfill’s most recent book, A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy, focuses on the public response to previous accusations against Whedon.

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