June 15, 2018
opera students in art gallery

Five opera students had the opportunity to participate in a private master class with Denyce Graves in front of a small audience at Snap! Space on June 10.
“The morning consisted of a Q&A with [opera star Denyce] Graves, followed by arias from five of the students with the Washington native giving notes on their performances. Over the course of the morning, Graves, 58, spoke on everything from the need for tenacity in an opera career to specific movement choices for auditions,” said Trevor Fraser in the Orlando Sentinel.
“Based on what she saw at this reception, Graves thinks UCF is on the path to be of note,” the article concludes. “‘There’s wonderful work being done here,’ she said. ‘There’s wonderful talent. I’m sure that they’re going to go out and make their mark on the industry. I’m really impressed.’”