December 3, 2018
Dziuban Award Winner 2018 - Matt Dombrowski

Matt Dombrowski, assistant professor specializing in digital media in the School of Visual Arts and Design, won the 2018 Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Teaching Excellence. Dombrowski is affiliated faculty with Limbitless Solutions Inc in the development and production of interactive alternative controllers and training games for children to learn how to properly use their 3D printed prosthetics.

“Every year we recognize one online faculty member with the peer-reviewed Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching,” says Dr. Thomas Cavanagh, Vice Provost for Digital Learning. “Teaching practice and research can reinforce each other in powerful ways for community impact. For example, the way that the online course pedagogy aligns with the work of Limbitless really makes this point.”

In the seven years it has been awarded, Dombrowski is the fourth CAH recipient of the Dziuban Award. The 2017 awardee was Kenneth L. Hanson, Ph.D., Judaic Studies, the 2014 awardee was Stephanie Vie, Ph.D., and the 2013 awardee was Pavel Zemliansky, Ph.D., both from the Department of Writing and Rhetoric.

Chuck Dziuban is Director of the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at UCF where he has been a faculty member since 1970 teaching research design and statistics. Learn more about the Dziuban Award on the Center for Distributed Learning’s site.

Learn more about Dombrowski’s course and teaching philosophy below.