May 26, 2020

English Major and future MFA student Jada Reyes won the 2020 Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R) Outstanding Student Support award for her work as a student assistant at the John C. Hitt Library. One of Jada’s primary accomplishments was her participation in a video companion to a series of research modules created by Dr. Barry Mauer, an Associate Professor of English, and John Venecek, Humanities Librarian. The modules were designed around Jada’s literary analysis of James Baldwin’s classic short story, “Sonny’s Blues.” This project includes a six-part video that highlights Jada’s research process including searching as strategic exploration, entering the scholarly conversation, making use of library resources, refining and evaluating your research question, and managing your research. Throughout the development of this project, Jada demonstrated a firm grasp of literary research as well as the kind of creativity and critical thinking skills that will benefit her as she transitions into graduate school at UCF.