March 28, 2016

Dr. Fernando Rivera, Sociology and Dr. M. C. Santana, WGST were recipients of UCF’s 2016 International Affairs and Global Strategies In-House Faculty Study Abroad Grant.  Their proposal “Global Family Trends & the Place of Women in the Family“explores the diversity of the world’s families by analyzing different family structures, processes, and historical, social and environmental contexts in Dominican Republic2016-03-24 11.50.20. The course scope is designed to increase awareness and appreciation to the diversity of global family trends. Specifically the course will look at family structure development with regards to issues such as mate selection, union formations, parenting and divorce. The course will also address aging families and how global social inequality impacts family life. Furthermore, the course curriculum will include visual narratives and women studies perspectives on the aforementioned issues. Rivera and Santana’s Study Abroad program to Dominican Republic is scheduled for spring break 2017.