April 26, 2021

The College of Arts and Humanities is proud to celebrate the success and achievements of our faculty and staff. In 2021, 28 faculty members have received promotion and/or tenure to recognize their dedication to the university. Congratulations to our exceptional colleagues! Read the full list of UCF faculty receiving promotion here.



Mel Stanfill, Associate Professor

Sonia Stephens, Associate Professor



Vladimir Solonari, Professor


Modern Languages & Literatures

Kerry Purmensky, Professor

Sandra Sousa, Associate Professor

Brian Barone, Senior Instructor

Kacie Tartt, Senior Instructor


Performing Arts

Elizabeth Horn, Associate Professor

Claudia Lynch, Associate Professor

Chung Park, Associate Professor

David Reed, Associate Professor

George Weremchuk, Professor

James Brown, Senior Lecturer

Sybil St. Claire, Senior Lecturer



Jonathan Beever, Associate Professor

Luis Favela, Associate Professor

Christy Flanagan-Feddon, Associate Lecturer

Nicholas Shrubsole, Associate Lecturer


Visual Arts & Design 

Victor Davila, Associate Professor

Brooks Dierdorff, Associate Professor

Scott Hall, Professor

Amer Kobaslija, Associate Professor

Jason Burrell, Senior Lecturer

Justin Nolan, Associate Lecturer


Writing and Rhetoric 

Stephanie Wheeler, Associate Professor

Nikolas Gardiakos, Associate Lecturer

Megan Lambert, Associate Lecturer

Melissa Pompos, Associate Lecturer