By Arielle Feldman |
May 20, 2019

It was 2013 when Evan Rosato ’18 received news that changed his life forever. For the last year, he had been having seizures he couldn’t explain. His doctor had diagnosed him with Petit Mal seizures, which are commonly found in children, can sometimes be mistaken for daydreaming and typically don’t cause any long-term health issues. But Rosato felt there was something more happening.

So, he decided to get an MRI scan, which confirmed his worst fears: a brain tumor.

“Without any understanding of brain tumors, it felt like a death sentence,” says Rosato, who was recently named a Fulbright Research grantee.

It was benign, but required surgery for removal. Yet, Rosato was determined to push forward and decided to work through his feelings in the best way he knew how: by making art.

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