February 3, 2022
Image from "Modern Times" courtesy of Philosophy Now

Department Chair and Professor of Philosophy Michael Strawser was featured by Philosophy Now, a bimonthly magazine that shares articles on all aspects of Western philosophy, along with book reviews, letters, cartoons and other content.

Strawser’s article is a review of Kierkegaard and the Question Concerning Technology by Christopher Barnett. The book examines how we should consider our relationship with technology in light of the writings of Søren Kierkegaard, the father of existentialism.

“I’m particularly thinking of the concept of equality, which is central to Kierkegaard’s understanding of the love of the neighbor developed in his Works of Love (1847), and which has also been advanced by people today with the massive help of the internet and social media,” writes Strawser. “Could applying Kierkegaard’s thinking on this lead us to a more positive appraisal of the new media?”

Click here to read Strawser’s full review for Philosophy Now.