January 14, 2019
Woman to Woman Conference, 2013

The Burnett Honors College awarded the research team of Dr. M.C. Santana (Director, UCF Women’s and Gender Studies program) and Jeannie Economos (Farmworker Association of Florida) a community grant for their project “Exploring communication realities among Black and Brown Farmworkers in Apopka: A Service Learning Outreach Project with the Farmworker Association of Florida” for an in-depth look at how both ethnic and racial groups work with one another. The study is hoping to bring more open and productive communication in the region and a more clear understanding of what issues affect the community and should be feature in the annual Woman to Woman conference.

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the first Woman to Woman Conference between the UCF Women’s and Gender Studies program and the Farmworker Association of Florida (Apopka). Students of the Women’s and Gender Studies program and the class WST 3640 Women, Race & Struggle will collaborate as research assistants for the project and also as volunteers for the 10th Woman to Woman, scheduled for Saturday, March 30, 2019. Santana and Economos will be presenting the research results in April 2019 to the Burnett Honors College. For more information on the Woman to Woman conference, please visit wgst.cah.ucf.edu/conferences/woman-to-woman-conference.

Economos and Santana from 2015.