January 24, 2023
A picture of students sitting at a table looking at their scripts for Home of the Brave.

Theatre UCF students are looking to shine a spotlight on a group of people whose story doesn’t get told often, reports News Channel 6. 

Inspired by interviews with military children from all branches of service, Home of the Brave showcases the joys, anxieties, pride, and struggles of navigating life within a military family.

For graduate student Bethany Post, Home of the Brave is personal to her as the child of an Air Force service member. “It’s interesting being an adult and meeting other adults who were kids of military families who moved around a lot,” Post said. “It’s like when you meet them there’s this connection (of), ‘Oh, you get it.’ If you get it, then you get it. But this production is actually putting into words what it is and is just kind of giving a sneak peek into that lifestyle.”

Students and staff involved in the production say they’re excited to share “all of the emotions and experiences that come with being the child of a military family.”

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