October 9, 2015

Zachary Beckler’s feature Interior was awarded the Grand Jury Prize of Best Horror Film at Shriekfest on October 3 in Los Angeles.

“I am thrilled and was literally speechless to accept such a major award at Shriekfest. It is a fantastic festival, and the audience response was overwhelmingly positive and terrified,” comments Beckler.

Beckler is a lecturer in the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design, as well as a graduate of UCF’s B.F.A. and M.F.A. film programs.

The film tells the story of a struggling filmmaker, Sam, that is hired to capture evidence of supernatural events plaguing the young daughter of a family that finds a mysterious letter hidden inside their new home. What starts out as a simple paranormal investigation leads to a long, terrifying, night, which forces Sam to confront his disbelief as footage begins turning up on his equipment that he did not record. Isolated and alone with a dark force identified as Emily, Sam and his cameras are taken on a digital journey through the unknown and beyond.

Interior will screen this fall at the following festivals:

Find more information about the film at interiormovie.com.