April 1, 2014

The Committee,” a documentary by University of Central Florida students and professors, tells part of its shocking story: how in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Florida college students and teachers were pulled out of class and questioned for hours — not about their politics but about their private lives, as part of an effort to drive homosexuals from state universities.

The product of a UCF honors class taught by Lisa Mills of the Film Department and Robert Cassanello of the History Department, “The Committee” has reaped accolades since its debut in 2012. Recently it was named best documentary at Sanford’s Love Your Shorts Film Festival.

Read the complete article from the Orlando Sentinel.

Find out more about “The Committee” and view it online at riches.cah.ucf.edu/committee/. The GLBT History Museum of Central Florida is also a project of UCF’s RICHES program (Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories of Central Florida). See riches.cah.ucf.edu/glbt.php.