July 25, 2023
Christian Beck looks off into the distance.

Associate Lecturer of English at UCF, Christian Beck, hasĀ been chosen as the recipient of The Mother Mary Catharine McGann Alumni Achievement Award by Misericordia University. Presented annually, this distinguished accolade honors outstanding career accomplishments by a Misericordia University graduate.

“Joining the University of Central Florida in 2010, Beck contributed significantly to the institution. Starting as an Adjunct Lecturer, his expertise and dedication to his craft quickly garnered recognition, granting him an esteemed position as an Associate Lecturer. Beck’s impact on students and his commitment to excellence have earned him respect throughout the university and academic community,” says a Misericordia University article.

“I am honored to receive the Mother Mary Catharine McGann Alumni Achievement Award and thrilled to be given the opportunity to return to campus after over 20 years to see the changes to a place that provided me with so many memories and experiences. I often think fondly of my time at Misericordia and the foundation it laid for my career; so to return to receive this award is equal parts exciting as it is humbling,” said Beck.

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