January 4, 2019
Francis Robinson with community members

The Al-Ghazali Program in Islamic Studies at UCF hosted a forum with internationally renowned scholar of South Asian history, Dr. Francis Robinson of the Royal Holloway, University of London. Dr. Robinson delivered the keynote address at the forum titled, “Islamic Traditions of Learning: Education and Ethics in Central and South Asia.”

His lecture, “Farangi Mahall: Home of a Pre-Reform Islamic tradition in South Asia,” provided an overview of the development of Islamic thought in South Asia in the past two centuries. Dr. Cyrus Zargar, gave his inaugural lecture as the Al-Ghazali Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies at UCF. His lecture, “Intimacy with God as a Science: The Ethical Model of Khwāja ʿAbdallāh Anṣārī,” offered a review of the development of moral psychology in classical Sufi writings.