March 16, 2021
Sam Waters, the January USPS Employee of the Month

When Sam is not in the office, we go crazy.” For some employees, these words would be intimidating. For Sam Waters, they’re a testament to the inimitable positive force that he is in the School of Performing Arts.  

As administrative assistant I, Waters has made a name for himself as the first person to go the extra mile for students, faculty and staff. Considering his experience as a former Theatre UCF student, along with his positive attitude and seemingly endless knowledge, it’s no wonder that Waters was recognized as the USPS Employee of the Month for January 2021. 

We asked Waters our most burning questions about his experience at UCF. 

 1. What has been your most memorable experience working with the School of Performing Arts?

Waters’ most memorable experience working with the School of Performing Arts was when he performed a staged reading of The Grapes of Wrath during UCF Celebrates the Arts several years ago. He was thrilled to be part of a talented cast and to perform at the Dr. Phillips Center. 

2. What is the most challenging part of your job? 

Waters’ biggest challenge may be a relief to hear for the students that work with him. He reflects that the most challenging part of being an administrative assistant is making sure that everything is done in a way that makes the process easier for students. This students-first approach has made him an overwhelmingly valuable resource for students in the School of Performing Arts.  

3. You’ve been a part of UCF for quite some time. What’s changed during your years here? What’s stayed the same? 

Waters reflects on how much UCF campus has changed over the years. When he first arrived at UCF as a student in 1989, the Student Union was just starting construction. Now, he has been around to see the remodeled Student Union and John C. Hitt Library, as well as countless additions to the campus. However, Waters has noted one part of UCF that has never changed. He says, “The one constant, over the years, has to be the pride of being a Knight!”

4. Your coworkers applaud your positive attitude. What’s your secret to maintaining such a positive outlook?

What goes around comes around! Although Waters has been recognized for his positive attitude in the office, he credits his coworkers for supporting his outlook. Being able to talk to coworkers, especially in crazy busy times, and knowing they’ll have your back and support you makes for such a positive environment,” he says. Waters is particularly grateful to work with people with diverse ranges of experience.

5. What does winning USPS Employee of the Month mean to you? 

Waters says it best: “Winning the UCF Employee of the Month is a tremendous honor, and I’m grateful to my co-workers for their faith in me! It’s definite motivation to keep striving for excellence!

We look forward to seeing what Waters does next during his time at UCF.  

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