May 6, 2020
Collage of 2020 staff award nominees

In 2020, the College of Arts and Humanities recognizes 25 staff members for their extensive dedication to UCF. Three of these staff members received prestigious honors that include a financial award of $600 each.

In a message to all faculty and staff, Executive Associate Dean Lyman Brodie and Special Assistant to the Dean Paul Lartonoix said “As we all live through these unprecedented and challenging times, we would like to recognize ALL our staff for their hard work for the college and the university. Changing the way we work so quickly and, probably, so drastically is not easy. Thank you all for your patience and diligence. You are not alone, we are in this together. Without you, the College of Arts & Humanities would not be what it is today. It is good to know that whatever we may find in our path for tomorrow, we have a great team to help achieve anything. Your dedication and perseverance is key to our success.”

They also thanked the awards committee: Peter Larson, Kelli Marini, and Megan Crowther for their assistance in reviewing the nominations.

CAH Staff Award Winners


Steven Blackburn, School of Visual Arts & Design

Recipient of the USPS award in honor of Dr. Bruce Whisler

Blackburn’s recommender writes, he has “… incredible dedication, flexibility and integrity to the School of Visual Arts and Design, to the College of Arts and Humanities, and to the University of Central Florida.” His job duties promote an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusiveness. His customer service skills have shown to be important for the vitality of SVAD.

Janki Maraj, School of Visual Arts & Design

Recipient of the USPS award in honor of Dr. David Vickers

Described as “an affable, efficient, keenly focused multi-tasker who is dependable, organized, bright, enthusiastic, honest, intuitive and adaptable,” Maraj provides essential assistance to the SVAD Director in performance of his administrative assignments including the operations of a large diverse school and supervises five full-time office personnel. Unsurprisingly, Maraj has earned the trust and respect of students, subordinates, faculty and superiors and is held in high regard for her performance and personality.

Susan Jefferson, Modern Languages & Literatures

Recipient of A&P award in honor of Tony Travaglini

Jefferson is described as someone who “shines every day as she deftly oversees the day-to-day operations of our complex, multicultural department, by going above and beyond at every opportunity. Her true contribution far surpasses her operational duties….” She is an “extraordinarily caring team player thanks to whom the department can better serve the college and university.”

CAH Staff Award Nominees

Patricia Coderre, Dean’s Office

Coderre is described by her recommender as being “exceptionally organized and efficient with her job duties.” In addition, she is described as having a kind and caring attitude that makes working with her a pleasure. Furthermore, she is unknowingly helpful in multiple capacities and multiple occasions.

Tina Hunter, Women and Gender Studies

Hunter is “incredibly diligent, dependable, hardworking, professional, punctual, organized and friendly.” Respected by all, she is dedicated and committed to the program. Ultimately, she is described as the “glue” to the program.

Waheeda Illasarie, School of Visual Arts & Design

Illasarie “serves as the Manager for our Academic Advising unit in the School of Visual Arts and Design where she supervises three staff members and serves as the primary staff person overseeing nearly 2,000 student majors and scheduling courses for eight full time faculty members and myriad adjuncts.” Scheduling and advising run smoothly due to her diligence and her ability to work with the many diverse faculty and staff in the school.

Suzanne Lin, Dean’s Office

Lin is described as having a personable attitude, always being professional and going beyond what she asked to do for faculty and staff. Her recommender states, “I believe you’d be hard-pressed to find a better team player at the university…. Her knowledge, competence and warm personality make the dean’s office a more productive and pleasant work environment.”

John Parker, School of Performing Arts

Parker’s colleague states, “He is extremely organized and focused on continuously developing best practices to manage routine activities both efficiently and effectively.” He highly values his work study students and thanks them for their hard work and support.

Kristina Yagel, School of Performing Arts

Yagel served as the Box Office Manager for the School of Performing Arts until February 2020. Her recommender states, “her dedication to UCF is unmatched by her colleagues, and she goes above and beyond the “call of duty.” She is collaborative, enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help with any problem.”

CAH Service Awards

Recognized for 5 years of service
  • Pam McGlinchey, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Amy Giroux, CHDR
  • Meghan Crowther, English
  • Lisa Clendenning, Modern Languages & Literatures
For 10 years of service
  • Dave Schreier, SPA
  • Tracey Morrison, CREATE
  • Maribel Herrera, Philosophy
  • Marlene Agostini, SVAD
For 15 years of service
  • Matt Dunn, Dean’s Office
For 20 years of service
  • Susan Jefferson, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Sira Ambrosecchia, History
For 25 years of service
  • Kelly Shilton, NSCM Games & Interactive Media
For 30 years of service
  • Tina Hunter, Women & Gender Studies