Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

The UCF Art Gallery serves as a catalyst for culture, community engagement, and art education. Our mission is to encourage a dialogue between viewers and artists as well as promote an atmosphere where students, faculty, and members of the community can fully engage in art as a translation of the human experience.

See the attached flier or the content below for a list of exhibition proposal guidelines.

To be considered for an exhibition, artists must submit the following items:

  1. Contact information
    Website (if applicable):
    Title of Exhibition:
  2. Artist(s) Details
    • Artist’s Statement, Short Bio, and CV
  3. Submission Details
    • Proposal: A clear concise description of your proposed exhibition and its rational. Be sure to include an approximate number of pieces, material, and cost of exhibition including (if applicable) crating cost and an estimate of one-way shipping costs, interactivity, and installation methods. All proposals should address the gallery’s mission
    • Special Needs: If necessary, provide an explanation of any special installation, equipment, etc. and your plans to provide funding should extra equipment be required
  4. Visual Material
    • 10-20 JPG digital images in jpeg format at 300 dpi. All images are to be numbered to correspond to an image list including artist’s last name. Please submit images in a PowerPoint presentation (one image per slide) with names, dates, titles and mediums
    • For video and multi-media artists, CD-ROM or DVD of up to 10 minutes in duration
    • Please view your support material before submitting to ensure its readability on PC and Mac. Label clearly with permanent marker
  5. Entry Fee
    • There is no entry fee to apply; however, we do greatly appreciate any support sources you might suggest or funding you might provide for our gallery and its mission

All items should be mailed to the address below. Submitters will be notified upon review of the gallery committee.


University of Central Florida
UCF Art Gallery
Visual Arts Building, VAB 117
P.O. Box 161342
Orlando, Florida 32816-1342