Where to Next?

From the Streets of Romania, Sardina and Colombia

January 17, 2013 - January 25, 2013

Location: UCF Art Gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17, 6-8pm

Featuring the work of artist Keith Kovach
My street photography provides a window on the world that surrounds us here and now. It is my hope that these photographs give the audience a visceral experience of time and place. I go out and explore the world before me. I try to slow down and see subtle simple beauty that is nearly invisible to a hurried passersby and discover hidden things that existed at a particular moment, fleetingly, and only for me. My intent is to capture these fleeting moments as richly-layered images that allow each viewer to have a unique and personal experience. As a photographer, my work contrasts with that of a painter. A painter builds up layers of paint to develop content. A photographer eliminates and simplifies layers to get back to the essence of what he saw out in the world.