SVAD Student Exhibition

July 17, 2017 - August 4, 2017

Location: UCF Art Gallery

UCF Art Gallery Presents:
Parallel Group Exhibitions
July 17 – August 4, 2017
Daytona Photography Students  //  SVAD Painting Students
Both groups will be exploring the figure in contemporary art.

Figure painting is among the oldest visual subjects in human history and its status has not diminished in art’s fractured contemporary moment. How can we account for the continuous historical precedence of figure and portrait painting? We contend that, because it is the empathetic form par excellence, the human body in art cannot be trusted: it is always proposing something other than what its surface demonstrates. The grandiloquence of figurations in the work of Andrew Snow, for example, suggests that these are utopian bodies yearning for mythic intelligibility—for the psyche to be written upon the body. John Currie’s portraits take an altogether different approach: here, the possibility of legibility or complete identity is questioned and actively compromised through the painter’s process. The human body provides an endless template for allegory, and it is especially useful for the artful projection of controversial or taboo content. This exhibition proposes to display a full spectrum of perspectives and techniques, while maintaining a clarifying yet surprising dialogue amongst the work as a whole.
A collection of figure and portrait paintings by Gabriel Cortese, John Currie, Lila Villalobos, Emile Mausner, Jordan Pascal, Andrew Snow, and Nadya Sudjita.

The connection that exists between two people is powerful. Whether it is the bond between father and son or between lovers, our relationships with one another affect everything we do. These images take a deep and intimate look into the different kinds of bonds we experience with those close to us.
There are three participating artists in this group exhibit: Tim DeGilio, Bailey Burdelsky and Ben Wooten.
Photo by Ben Wooten  //