SVAD OSC Gallery: Where ART Meets Science

March 25, 2016 - June 24, 2016

Location: UCF Art Gallery

SVAD OSC Art Gallery: Where ART Meets Science

March 25  – June 12

Public Reception:   April 23, 2016

Closing Reception: June 11, 2016  8pm – 11pm


Parallel SOLO Exhibitions:


Clay Dunklin

Slough: Revealing the Animal


Forrest DeBlois

Bark, Fur, Feathers


Clay Dunklin and Forrest DeBlois share similar intellectual and emotional responses to the complex contemporary dilemma of human-animal relationships. In this shared exhibition, both artists are contributing works that complement the upcoming theme of Earth Day at the Orlando Science Center.


Both Clay and Forrest work with subtle imagery that provides visual evidence for they’re deeply held thoughts about how humans and animals are interconnected. Although both artists make visually provocative imagery, the work does not preach or lecture to their viewers.  Both artists make images that reveal the meaning of the works slowly. Most viewers will respond begin with mild humor, which will evolve into new understandings of our disconnections to animals. Most importantly the works are intended to be enjoyed for the sensitivity and respect each artist gives to the subject matter.



Dunklin  “Sustenance”

Clay Dunklin is currently a BFA Studio Art major who is working on an Honors-In-the-Major Thesis through the UCF Honors College. He will present his Thesis Presentation at the Orlando Science Center SVAD Gallery on April 1 at 2:00 p.m. in his exhibition space.






Deblois “Post Op”

Forrest DeBlois is currently working on His Masters of Fine Art Degree at the University of Central Florida. He is also known in for his site-specific images of endangered and extinct animals on public and private buildings in Florida.