Hearts from the Arts

September 6, 2012 - October 5, 2012

Location: UCF Art Gallery

Please join us for the UCF Art Gallery’s first ever collaboration with Artworks. Artworks is an outreach organization which, through the arts, strives to build the self-esteem of children living in foster care or other disadvantaged situations. Each work in this exhibit was created by a child in the Central Florida area who participated in ArtWorks. The children were encouraged to explore personal expression and their individual creativity. The UCF gallery is pleased to partner with ArtWorks in celebrating the unique talents of these gifted youth, who are clearly on their way to reaching their full creative potential.

The exhibit will include approximately 100 visual art and creative writing pieces done by children ages 8-15 who participated in art and writing classes provided by ArtWorks. The children whose work will be featured in the exhibit are connected to or cared for by the following organizations: Great Oaks Village, Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Edgewood Children’s Ranch, The Howard Phillips Center for children and Families and the Foundation for Foster Children.