Numinous // M.F.A. Exhibition

March 20, 2017 - March 31, 2017

Location: UCF Art Gallery

March 20 – March 31


Numinous (adj)

: appealing to the higher emotions, or to the aesthetic sense

: having a deep emotional resonance, psychologically associated with experiences of the self

Numinous refers to both a quality inherent to an object, or to a personal experience, of which may occur simultaneously in any encounter with the Divine.


Numinous is a group exhibition showcasing the thesis work of Master of Fine Arts candidates Chealsea Anagnoson, Juliet DiIenno, and Jared Justice. The convergence of science, mystery, and danger communicates the primordial experience through their art. The work includes mixed media installation, painting, photography, sculpture, and video art.


Opening Reception:

Thursday, March 23

5:00pm – 7:00pm




About the Artists:


Chealsea Anagnoson   //  Artist Statement:

To create interactive work, I explore the concept of connectedness and how every action and inaction affects continual change. By combining my backgrounds in art, science, education, and theatre, I make mixed media installations to investigate the artist’s notion of control or the lack thereof.



Chealsea Anagnoson (b. 1988) is an interdisciplinary artist who has studied and shown work in Allentown, PA, Boston, MA, and Orlando, FL. Her recent accomplishments include a feature of Weeping Whispers at the Guava Tree Gallery in Orlando, an ELTA residency with the Orange County Public School District, a show (Body + Matter) at Canvs in downtown Orlando, and winning multiple travel fellowships to present her research on interactive artwork at the annual South Eastern College Art Conference in addition to attending the University of Central Florida with the Provost Fellowship to earn an MFA in studio art. Additionally, she teaches STEAM classes with UCF CREATE in downtown Orlando.



Juliet Dilenno   //  Artist Statement:

I am fascinated with the human condition, using the body as a symbolic tool to explore self-control and existence. Through images and performances, I publically explore my personal perspective, to inspire passion and self-reflection.



Juliet Romeo DiIenno is the third born of a set of triplets, all involved in the arts. After earning a B.S in Sociology, Studio Art and Spanish Minors, and a certificate in Behavioral Forensics, she decided to continue her education and earn her Masters in Fine Arts. Currently, she teaches classes at the University of Central Florida, she has conceptualized and successfully directed Guava Tree Gallery, a gallery and venue space out of her home, and continues to be an active part of the Orlando art community at large. She has been recognized in the Orlando Weekly, Bungalower, Cypress Dome Literary Magazine, and other publications. Her most recent art shows include, but are not limited to: “the Experience, Perception, and Self Control” at Guava Tree Gallery in January, the Creative City Project in both 2016 and 2017, Art in Odd Places- Play 2016, Burning Man- Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop, UCF Celebrates the Arts in 2016, “Body+Matter” at Canvs in downtown Orlando. She received artist’s admittance into Burning Man in 2016, won grants for Burning Man, Art in Odd Places, the Creative Project, and for presenting her work at the South Eastern College Art Conference.



Jared Justice’s   //  Artist Statement:

I am inspired by the ideas behind magical realism – using the art making process as an active meditation in order to temporarily subvert ego and create a new subjective reality in the visual form. As a visual artist, I render recognizable imagery with non-literal color; intentionally using improvisational working methods in order to effect a measure of transformation in my art.



Jared Justice (b. 1990) received his B.A. in Studio Art from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL with a discipline in painting. He has taught as a Graduate Teacher Assistant at UCF’s SVAD for 2D & 3D Design, Art History, and Beginning & Intermediate Painting courses. Additionally he is a dedicated yoga practitioner and Hatha teacher.