Oviedo Art Master Academy

May 9, 2015 - May 13, 2015

Location: UCF Art Gallery

Lindsay Davey
Through fashion design, I am exploring the idea of becoming free in oneself. In my life, I have struggled with severe self-doubt. Due to this, I have attempted to hide my unique characteristics. Over the years, though, I have slowly become more comfortable in my own skin. My concentration summarizes this slow shift from being guarded to being free in oneself. The sheer fabric in the garments has been used to represent the absolute lack of a shield or covering and as the pieces progress, the sheer fabric is more prominent, and the harsh coverings, embellishment, or decorations, slowly diminish.

Savannah Hankins
My work is a memorial to my father who passed away in 2010. The pencil drawings are either of objects he used often or of specific memories I had with him. It’s usually little things like chewed up straws, or a roll of duct tape, that remind me of his unique personality and quirks. I wanted to show in fine detail just how those ordinary things that hold little significance to others, mean something special to me.

Daniella Hernandez
My concentration is based on a photo effect app I have on my iPad. One day I was messing around with the app and loved how the effects changed my portraits. The two effects from this app, that I developed my concentration around, were the negative effect and the thermal effect. I chose these because I thought they were so unique. For the thermal effect I used oil pastels and for the negative effect I used chalk and charcoal. The result is highly-contrasted images, that illuminates my subjects in a whole new light.

Abby Jones
My works revolve around the unique relationship between sisters; specifically the strong bond they share. The relationship I have with my own sister, was my inspiration, and she is in each of the works I created. My drawings chronicle the best friendship I’ve ever had and demonstrate that even in our silliness or petty fights, there is a strength in our love for each other.

Skye Kim
The central idea behind my work is to create modern art pieces through the use of embroidery. By taking advantage of the negative space, or area outside the embroidery hoops, my works break the boundaries that sometimes exist between art and reality. Many people might label embroidery as a craft, and not a legitimate art, but my works aim to break past that boundary and serve to show their audience that molds can be broken and patterns of tradition do not always have to be followed.