Head Space: 2024 MFA Exhibition

February 22, 2024 - March 8, 2024

Location: UCF Art Gallery

Head Space explores identities and histories, contemporary issues, emotional and physical spaces using a variety of mediums and processes. The exhibition showcases the thesis work of Master of Fine Arts candidates in the Studio Art & Design MFA track at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design: Alexander Alvarez, Matthew Dunn, Elaheh Jazemi, Njeri Kinuthia, Olivia Van Natta, and Jim Wysolmierski.  

Alexander Alvarez’s artistic practice exposes the grotesque consequences of our conflicting contemporary ideologies through personal and societal suffering, in search of universal connections to showcase the need for compassion and understanding. Leveraging two decades of professional experience as an illustrator and designer, Matthew Dunn creates engaging and often irreverent images exploring family, pop-culture, religion, and politics. Elaheh Jazemi’s work protests social injustice to universalize the concept of resistance and hope for equality by raising awareness and give a voice to the voiceless people despite their huge sacrifices. Through self-portraiture, Njeri Kinuthia’s work challenges and exposes the oppressive cultural norms that seek to control and limit the identity and sexuality of women, drawing inspiration from her personal journey and upbringing in Kenya. Through a fusion of botanical imagery and surreal landscape, Olivia Van Natta’s imagined scenes consumed by plant life function as a processor for the complex experience of existence in a human body. Guided by the physical and emotional turmoil of alcoholism, Jim Wysolmierski employs the body as a corporeal and allegorical account of his lived experience using visual narratives of trepidation and transformation. 

Opening Reception Feb 22 – 6-8 pm 

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Thesis Defense Schedule:

Elaheh Jazemi’s thesis defense: Monday Feb 26 10AM – 12PM

Njeri Kinuthia’s thesis defense: Wednesday Feb 28 12PM – 2PM

Alexander Alvarez’s thesis defense: Wednesday Feb 28 3PM – 5PM

Olivia Van Natta’s thesis defense: Friday Mar 1 3PM – 5PM

Matthew Dunn’s thesis defense: Tuesday Mar 5 1PM – 3PM

Jim Wysolmierski’s thesis defense: Thursday Mar 8 12PM – 2PM