Beatriz Vasquez Artist’s Talk

June 17, 2015


The University of Central Florida Art Gallery is proud to present an artist talk by Beatriz Vasquez, the artist featured in our current exhibition Papel Picado with a Modern Twist.

Please join us for an exciting artist talk by Beatriz on July 2 from 1-2:30 pm. In this talk, Beatriz will discuss her unique technique, artistic influences, and purpose in reviving the ancient art form of Papel Picado to a modern audience.


Papel Picado is an ancient Mexican craft in which tissue paper is cut with chisels and hammers to produce multiple productions. Beatriz Vasquez focuses on transforming the traditional art of Papel Picado into an innovative modern Mexican-American art and with an X-acto knife she is able to re-introduce, educate and celebrate this traditional, beautiful, ancient and dying art. In order to reach out to a vast audience, she sets out to produce work relating to modern day themes and topics that all of us can relate to, improvising the cuts and letting her hands create magic.