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A Screening and Conversation with Director Kenneth Hanson

Join Kenneth Hanson, director of Judaic Studies at UCF, for a screening of his award-winning film The Druze, followed by a discussion and Q&A session.

About the film: The little village Daliyat Al-Karmel is home to a small ethnic and religious sect called the Druze. They are full Israeli citizens and serve in the Israeli army. But who are these Druze? In the course of this half-hour documentary, we get to hear from the mayor of the largest Druze village in Israel, a prominent Druze general in the Israeli army and other members of the Druze community. We examine the challenges Israel faces as it tries to preserve its Jewish character while at the same time being a diverse and multi-ethnic society. It’s time to say hello to the Druze of Israel!

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This event will be closed-captioned in English.