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Discover conceptual visual art pieces in unexpected places throughout the Dr. Phillips Center! Taught as an introduction to principals in conceptual, non-narrative visual art, School of Visual Art and Design professor Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz challenges students to produce interpretations that explored repetitive forms, which would be then used to solve site-specific installation art problems.

The installation includes exhibits by Angela Amore, Kayla Arlighaus, Alexandra Brady, Zoraye Cyrus, Michaela Dougherty, Gracie Ferch, Christopher Gaynor, Courtney Hawthorne, Vanessa Hernandez, Hannah Hoch, Ashley Honey, John Iznaga, Christina Jimenex, Wendy Keith-Merrill, Rebecca Lyons, Michael Mackin, Deeanna Manangu, Amanda Polk, Tatiana Ramos, Nohemi Rodriguez, Jasmyne Sippio, Aaron Smith, Veronica Solorzano, Jessica Taylor, Titus Thomas, Alexia Torres, Joelica Valles, and Anestajia Williams.