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Parker is a successful screenwriter and director whose latest film just hit box offices across the country — her husband, Ethan, being one of the lead actors. She seems to have it all put together…or does she?

While people seem to enjoy her new thriller, it always seems to come back to the first film she ever wrote, a tragic love story called Not Exactly Friends. As the story progresses, we are shown Parker’s relationship with her ex-best friend, Robin, develop and change in both the past and present. It becomes clear that being famous is not all it’s cracked up to be, and that Parker would do almost anything to return to a place where she felt at home — if she doesn’t have to admit how she feels.

As It’s Written centers around themes of internalized homophobia, the pressures of fame and social anxiety. But, above all, it is the story of a queer woman navigating the concept of acceptance and comfortability in her own skin. This play contains adult themes and language.

The following Character Animation Shorts will be shown before this performance: Snacktime (2015), Ember (2013), Cuddlefish (2017)

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