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A day of workshops and performances culminates in a celebration featuring guest artist Anders Åstrand and the UCF Percussion Ensemble.


UCF Percussion Ensemble featuring guest artist Anders Åstrand Thad Anderson, director

Todos los ríos El río from Water by Alejandro Viñao

Peaux from Pléïades by Iannis Xenakis

Splendid Wood by Jennifer Higdon


Spinning Plates by Anders Åstrand

Norrsken by Anders Åstrand

Metroplex Drive by Anders Åstrand

Purge by Anders Åstrand

UCF Percussion Ensemble

Chris Baird
Ryan Boehme
Clive Chan
Christian De La Torre
Jenna DeBell
Theodore Jackson
Matt Malhiot
Joey Noble
Jessie Otaiza
Deborah Parsons
Lauren Perez
Madison Schafer
Zachary Schoonmaker
Kyle Signer
Christina Smith
Sebastian Suarez-Solis
Joseph Timm
Paul Yorke