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This experience requires in-person sign-up for a time slot at the venue on April 12.

Witness, understand, and empathize life as a captive African transitioning to the Americas through the middle passage in this powerful virtual reality immersion project.

This virtual reality immersion project on African Captivity in Brazil from 1750-1850 lets you live the journey from Elmina Castle in Ghana to Salvador, Bahia (Brazil). This six to seven-week period was essential in transforming the captive’s body and mind from free to newly enslaved person. The stories are based on research obtained from visual and archival materials, the database and the numerous primary accounts from African captives, creoles, elites, ship captains and ship logs.



Yovanna Pineda
Emily Johnson
Amy Giroux

Computer Science Students, 2018-19

Nathan Tackett
Elizabeth Maspoch
Devin Barron
Sara Young
Yuri Rubio

Student Artist, 2018-19

Jason Waters