The UCF New Music Ensemble presents “FREE | VERSE,” an evening-length collaboration with the UCF composition studio that explores the boundaries between poetry, composition and improvisation.

Under the direction of Thad Anderson and Alexander Burtzos, the UCF New Music Ensemble presents “FREE | VERSE,” a new program created in collaboration with the UCF composition studio (Alex Burtzos, chair). Over the course of 11 world premiere performances, the New Music Ensemble will present, reshape and recontextualize a single poem, presenting listeners with a dynamic palette of sounds. This will be among the first contemporary music to be heard in the brand-new Steinmetz Hall — this is a can’t-miss opportunity to hear exciting new pieces in Orlando’s newest world-class performance space.

Featuring world premieres by:
Joey Baroco
Sean Brogan
Yaeli Colon-Degro
Crystal Fuentes
Peter Goricki
Andy Hernandez
Matthew Herzog
Ryan Lewert
Ashton Sarlo
Kris Zaballero

UCF New Music Ensemble

Thad Anderson, artistic director
Alexander Burtzos, director of composition


This program will be performed without pause.

The world’s second light bulb was smaller than the sun. Yaeli Colon-Degro
It shone bright only for a moment, Kris Zaballero
Always in the shadow of precedent. Crystal Fuentes
Dimmed out, it reflected on its purpose –
Aimless and obscure, enveloped in fog. Joseph Baroco


Strange that it didn’t realize it was always glowing – strange that we couldn’t see it Ryan Lewert
As it put out all and sundry. Ashton Sarlo
After all, I was there to wipe it clean. Sean Brogan
– – – –  


In the primordial state which gave rise to all things,
There was no introspection. Mathew Herzog
Rather, there was freedom, and the light of its virtues, Peter Goricki
And a truth that could be embraced, or at least pursued. Andy Hernandez



Amanda Wiebelt, flute
Morgan Magnoni, clarinet
Joseph Baroco & Kris Zaballero, piano
Jessica Cowan, Michael Mortilla, & Zachary Schoonmaker, percussion
Cesia Corrales, violin
Ari Cricks, viola
Jomar Cruz & Annalise Lang, cello
Geordan Raisler, double bass
Lyman Brodie, narrator