Select animation shorts and reels from each of the animation tracks at UCF will be shown before various events throughout the week!


Check back for the full list of featured shorts and films!

The Character Animation courses occur in the final two-years of the four-year Emerging Media BFA degree. It consists of a full-time series of consecutive semesters designed to prepare a cohort of students for careers in animation. Students learn all aspects of the production process, from story creation to film completion, the tools and industry practices for computer-generated 3D animated filmmaking and the ins and outs of teamwork with opportunities for leadership amongst their peers and mentorship from the faculty.

The Experimental Animation track offers students the opportunity to explore expression through innovative, hybrid analog and digital practice. Students engage in classic, current, and widely varied techniques and mediums while making narrative or non-narrative creative works. Students in the track develop a unique creative vision that culminates in completing a BFA thesis project and exhibition/screening.

Emerging Media MFA – Animation and Visual Effects is a specialized program designed to emulate both the professional and independent studio environment, providing opportunities to assume an artistic leadership role. Principal emphasis is placed on narrative film structure and entrepreneurial aspects of animation as related to independent filmmaking, studio employment, and job creation.