Get ready to party, because everyone knows dinosaurs love to dance!

The Orlando REP presents The Day I Danced with Dinosaurs. The 30-minute celebration of dinosaurs, music and movement was written by Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo ’11MFA. Theatre for the Very Young at Orlando REP is created specifically for 1- to 5-year-olds and is an interactive, multi-sensory, developmentally accessible experience that encourages caregiver interaction and creative play.

Tickets are $10 for each adult and up to two children.

Orlando Repertory Theatre in Partnership with UCF

The Day I Danced with Dinosaurs



Artistic Director:
Jeffrey M. Revels

Executive Director:
Chris Brown

Elizabeth Brendel Horn

Scenic Designer:
Sarah Bender Allen

Costume Designer:
Annie Trombo

Sound Designer:
Casey Dieter

Props Designer:
Tara Kromer

Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo


DJ: Emily Lupfer
Pteranodon, Parasaurolophus, Baby Tyrannosaurus: Francis Phimphivon
Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Gallimimus, Apatosaurus: Rhyse Silvestro
Cast headshots for The Day I Danced with Dinosaurs.



Sr. Director of Education: Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo
Sr. Creative Director of Brand and Marketing: Ashley Willsey
Director of Arts-Based Learning: Stacie Perez
Director of Community Partnerships: Emily Freeman
Youth Academy Manager: Mike Sweezey
Curriculum Manager: Shonda Thurman
Director of Philanthropy: Alexandra Galford
Accounting & Human Resources Manager: Drew Simonsen


Sr. Director of Production: Carrie Kasten Smith
Company Manager: Brian Diaz
Director of Production and Scenery: Kyle Wiehe
Scenic Manager: Rachel Lann
Scene Shop Coordinator: Chris Conte
Props Manager: Tara Kromer
Director of Production Technology: Amanda Markham
Production Technology Manager: Justin Harmon
Costume Shop Manager: Alexandria Vazquez Myers
Costume Shop Coordinator: Mary Sienko

Front of House

Sr. Director of Operations: Benjamin Fortin
Front of House Manager: Calli Charlton-Moore
Patrons Services Manager: Natazsa Roby-Smith
Group Sales Manager: Cerise Sweezey
Facility Manager: Brian Groth