Advanced Painting students respond visually to Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Under the direction of Professor Carla Poindexter and Graduate Teaching Assistant Nicholas Kalemba, Advanced Painting students respond visually to the award-winning novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. The compositions, painted with acrylics on canvas and wood cutouts, feature life-size characters, theatrical scenes and themes from the novel. The works will be displayed during the staged reading, book discussion and throughout the festival.

This exhibition of scenes and characters were created by UCF’s Advanced Painting students who visually responded to Emily St. John Mandel’s literary fiction, Station Eleven. Each piece combines to create a whole and can be viewed in a variety of combinations. The overall theme parallels the novel’s message about the “effort of art to deepen our fleeting impressions of the world” even in the darkest of times. In Mandel’s book, the characters perform classical music and Shakespeare’s plays in a post apocalyptic world. In this exhibition, painting students demonstrate the power of images inspired by powerful words.

Featured Artists

Emily Durham-Moore
Madeline Gonzalez
Sana Haroon
Rachael Hilcken
Sara Johnston
Amanda Lyon
Mar Martinez
Cat Penagos
Gretchen Smith
Camille Van Atta

Student Assistants

Nikki Breton
Paula Camacho
Leonel Cordovi
Anthony Desanto
Alex Estrada
Natalie Fontaine
Giovanna Garcia
Rex Hammack
Lorraine Malul
Patricia Norton
Shay Sanchez
Kyra Smith
Titus Thomas
Heidi Vance
Julia Wuenschel
Logan Zayac