A curated showcase of films featuring narrative, documentary, and experimental shorts.

Rated PG-13 for brief nudity and swear words: A curated showcase of films featuring narrative, documentary, and experimental shorts from BFA and BA film students in the School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD) from the 2015-2016 school year. Screening to be immediately followed by a Q&A with the student filmmakers moderated by Film MFA candidate Jason Gregory and Film Coordinator Kate Shults.

Dorothy’s Video Application Dir. Sara Ambra (Directing 2 2015) TRT 3:43

A video application for entry into “Our Lady of Good Counsel Homes A Place of Assisted Living for Old People Who Need Assistance Living”. Official Selection of Florida Film Festival 2017


Grizzly Girl – Dir. Destiny Deming (Directing 1 2016) TRT 3:00

After being assured that she can be whatever she wants when she grows up, 7 year-old Lizzy follows her life-long dream.


So, The Other Day – Dir. Josh Evangelista (Directing 3 2016) TRT 9:48

      Two talkative guys share anecdotes and loiter around inner city Orlando.


Alexithymia – Dir. Tanner Pemelton (Capstone 2016) TRT 10:27

      A young woman struggles with the transition from child to caretaker as the mother she once knew begins to fade away.


Mirrored Canvas – Dir. Christine Paul (Capstone 2016) TRT 6:55

A non-verbal documentary about the impact of culture and personal experience on the creative process.


Forget Me Not – Dir. Sarah Ballard (Directing 2 2016) TRT 5:08

An exploration of the natural complexities within a maternal relationship; or lack thereof.


A Traves De Ti – Dir. Christopher Campa (Directing 1 2016) TRT 3:31

A Central American immigrant attempts to cross the US Mexico Border with her two kids in search of a home.


He Hunts Not Fish – Julian Baner (Directing 2 2015) TRT 5:27

A couple of hours in a grainy suburbia.


Ape and Turtle Versus the Fire Monster – Rick Lee (Directing 2 2015) TRT 4:48

An ape and a turtle work together to save their home from a fiery monster.


Becoming – Ashleigh Sarbone (Directing 1 2016) TRT 2:37

Louise is trapped in a glass box. She lives her life within its confines, but her only desire is to get out.


I Like Water – Eddie Perkins (Experimental Cinema 2016) TRT 3:32

The perception of water as a classically feminine element is questioned using alternative methods of cinematic expression.


Burp – Benjamin L. Gill (Directing 2 2015) TRT 5:33

Logan has a problem… a digestive problem. It has all but ruined his chances of finding someone. Love, as it turns out, is messy. Official Selection of Florida Film Festival 2017


Kulenomenon – Gabriel Herndon (Capstone 2016) TRT 10:00

Existence in 10 minutes.