Creative work including sculptures, displays and revolving exhibits fill the lobbies and staircase.

Elementary students from The Academic Center for Excellence and Lake Eola Charter School created two distinct sculptures featuring simple 3D forms made from hand-marbled paper, wire and plastic filament from 3D printer pens. 40 students from 1st to 5th grade were involved in the making of these sculptures during their classes at UCF CREATE.

Ace Students

Isaiah Rodriguez
Matthew Guardiola
Elizabeth Torres
Xavier Hawkins
Khriz Angel Alvarez
Jenesis Walker
Joshua Hawkins
Jayden Benet
Makaylah Tillman
Julian Amar
Gabriela Roman-Bruno
Anastasia Tillman
Ericka Amar
Chad Dollar
Seven Allen
BK-Lyn Morale
Pryze Haney
Samarah Allen
Misael Perez
Tellis Haney
Miquaela Molina
Charish Ross-Landrum


LECS Students

Ada Alexander
Hazel Goodsell
Gemma Santurri
Timothy Barton
Gabriella Inalien
Solen Sequenzia
Christina Brown
Elayna-Lynn Jackowski
Daniel Simmons
Joshua De Jesus
Willow Jewsbury
Jenassie Toledo
Levi Finley
Olivia Kallenbach
Elliot Vallier
Gia Gomez
Jayda Miller
Ethyn Wade


Middle school students at Lake Eola Charter School participated in UCF CREATE’s Illustration Club where they read and discussed the novel Station Eleven before creating artwork inspired by the novel. The works are watercolor on mixed media paper.