View a selection of artwork and sketches from members of the UCF Character Animators Sketch Club! This exhibit illustrates how these artists visually process their observations from world to page.

Sketching is the foundation for every animation artist’s work. It is through observation of the world around us that we develop our visual language for creating the landscapes and characters that become part of animated films. We must understand light and tone, spatial relationships, and how to capture animals and people in motion. Members of the UCF Character Animators Sketch Club are students, faculty and alumni of the Character Animation track at UCF. They met on a weekly basis at various locations in and around Orlando for on-site sketching. This exhibit is a sampling of the sketches that illustrate how the artists visually processed their observations from world to page.

Featured artists: Jo Anne Adams, Angie Benitez-Garcia, Shania Boyer, Melany Di Petro Cecere, Hane Harnett, Sophia Hidalgo, Hannah Huffman, Alyssa Klapka, Clara Kopitnik, Ro Liberman, Annika Norris, Hannah Papa, Carolina Rapp, Paige Thorsen