November 4, 2015

Keri Watson was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education for her online teaching method involving game-based learning.

Watson teaches with role-playing games along with alternative reality games. Her alternative reality game, “Secret Societies of the Avant-garde,” was created with her colleague Anastasia Salter as a Unity-based game. The game was deployed this past spring in an upper-level mixed-mode course on Twentieth-Century Art. The game poses for the students a series of the challenges to research and create online exhibitions.

Watson’s game was developed to explore how using a serious game to teach art history not only fosters interactive learning, but further models play as one of the most compelling artistic trends of the post/modern era. The development of this game is supported by the University of Central Florida’s College of Arts and Humanities Research Initiative Grant.

You can read more at the Chronicle of Higher Education

To learn more about Watson’s alternative reality game, you can explore the Prezi presentation on the project.