March 13, 2017

March 10-12, 2017
Punta Gorda, Fl

Several UCF students from the History and School of Visual Arts and Design presented their work at the 57th Annual Florida Conference of Historians March 10-12 at Florida Southwestern State College. The conference highlighted historical subjects through paper and new media presentations, and gave our students the opportunity to share their scholarship.

The following undergraduate, graduate, alumni, prospective student, and faculty presented this year:


  • Rachel Rothstein-Safra, “The Transgressive Deification of Wu Zeitan.”
    Rachel is in the Honors in the Major program for a Bachelor’s degree in History, working with Dr. Hong Zhang.
  • Tyler Kelley, “The Forgotten Soldiers: Mi’kmaq Warriors in World War I.”
    Tyler is in the Honors in the Major program for a Bachelor’s degree in History, working with Dr. Barbara Gannon.
  • Nicole Mariutto (SVAD), Oswmer Louis (History), Kyle Aulow (History); ‘Marching Forward’, a Film with Commentary.
    Dr. Robert Cassanello is the chair/discussant for this project, from the AMH/FIL 3930
    Honors class that Drs. Cassanello and Lisa Mills are co-teaching.
  • John Lancaster, “Student Politicizing Health: The Nazis’ Forgotten Anti-Smoking Campaign and Twentieth Century Eugenics.” Advisor: Dr. Amelia Lyons.
    This project is based on John’s work in HIS4150 History & Historians class; he is also presenting at UCF’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research.


  • Liz Tammaro, “Communism’s Futures: Intelligentsia Imaginations in the Writings of the Strugatsky Brothers.”
  • Mike Burke, “Spatializing the War of the Rebellion.”
  • Tiffany Owens, “Exploring the Representations of Native Americans in Academia.”
  • Colin Cook, “Scottish Identity and Presbyterianism in Antrim, 1613-1670.”
  • Tyler Campbell, “‘How I Reached the Union Lines’: The Loyalties and Experiences of a Southern Unionist Solider, 1862-1865.”
  • Drew Fulcher, “Hot Dogs in the Sunshine State: Anti-German Hysteria in Florida during World War I.”
  • Jordan Sims, “To the Memory of Brave Men: The Imperial War Graves Commission and the Burial of Indian Soldiers in the First World War.”
  • Rebecca Schwandt, “Living in Moderate Obscurity: World War I Monuments in Florida.”

Several of the following papers came out of work done in AMH 5925 Colloquium in US Military History and AMH 6939 Seminar in U.S. History, taught by Dr. Barbara Gannon in 2015-16.


  • Kathryn Rinehart, “World War I Military Aviation in Florida: An Overlooked Chapter?”
    Kathryn graduated from UCF with a Bachelor’s degree in History. Her paper is based on work she completed for Dr. Barbara Gannon’s HIS4150 History & Historians course.
  • Michael Gromoll, “The Purpose of the Industrial Workers of the World within America’s Labor Movement.” Advisor: Dr. Dick Crepeau.
    Michael graduated from UCF with a Master’s degree in History.
  • Dan Fandino, H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences online – listed under ‘Special

Thanks’ Advisor: Dr. Hong Zhang
Dan received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in History at UCF.

Prospective Student

  • Andrew Ortiz, “Edison: the Unknown Patriot.”

Andrew is a prospective student for the Master’s degree in History program, and currently is working with Dr. Barb Gannon’s World War I project as a volunteer.


  • Amelia Lyons, “Le Service des Centres Sociaux: Education and the Question of Integration at the Height of the Algerian War (1956-1962).”
  • Robert Cassanello, discussant for ‘Marching Forward,’ a Film with Commentary.

For more information, please visit the conference website.